How about hotels in Kin la belle?

How much does it cost? How about hotels in Kin la belle !!!!

You live in Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, Brussels, Paris and you’re thinking of your next holidays in Democratic Republic of Congo, perhaps in Kinshasa la belle… You must admit that we’re all asking ourselves the same old question … Better stay with your parents, with an old aunt, with friends or at a hotel or flat-hotel for your independence.
So many years outside of the country, you’ve got accustomed, rightly or wrongly, to being independent and to rely on no one but yourself. But in the end, how much does it cost to stay in a “decent” hotel. We’re not going to be too picky. If we can get a hotel as comfortable as a Holiday Inn in Canada, Days Inn in USA, Ibis in Brussels or Etap Hotel in France, that will be sufficient.

Unfortunately those hotel chains are not operating in DRC (yet). Therefore, out of fear or maybe out of ignorance, your seriously consider staying at one of the hotel you’ve heard so much about, without really knowing if the services and comfort you’ll get will compensate for the high price you’ll pay… Will the stay at on of those famous hotel be up to  your expectations?

I actually won’t be able to answer that question, because I have only stayed in a few of them, so it would be wise that you draw up your conclusions yourself by staying there for a couple of days. But what I can tell you for sure is that you need to account for a minimum 200$ (US dollars) per day.

So, how much does it cost?
The following, in March 2014, is an overview of what you would have to pay this summer would you wish to stay in a ‘well-known ’ hotel…



The Sultani Hotel offers rooms starting at 180$ per day. The breakfast is included in the price and you also have access to Wi-fi.













We’ve also had a look at the needed budget to stay at the famous Grand Hotel, 380$ per day. Breakfast is included.










If you wish to stay at the Memling, that is  200EUR, or 275$ per night. However, their web site does not say if breakfast is included.















At last, you would have guessed it anyway, we need to mention, the Fleuve Congo Hotel with it 290$ per day,that is 4060$ for 14 days. The basis price does not include always include the .